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Empire - Europe

          "notre futur?"

Tout ceci est hélas confirmé par la guerre menée par le dictateur Poutine à l'Ukraine en 2022

The United Nations of Europe!


How to build a United Europe!


Creating  a charter for all member states wanting to be a part of this union!


Electing a government voted for directly by the citizens of all the member states!(equal numbers for men and women)(max 500 members)


Electing a parliament and president voted for directly by the citizens of all the member states!(equal numbers for men and women)


Giving enough governing power to the parliament to make decisions


Members of government and parliament can stay in place for maximum two periods (2 times 4 years)


Members who want to be a candidate have to be educated or experienced enough to make decisions on a large scale!(proved before elections)






Charter of the united nations of Europe:


Recognition of the Universal declaration of human rights


Education for everyone based on scientific knowledge


No organised religions in the education system


No religions interfering with the laws of the united nations of europe


All citizens have a passport of the Union (one identity)

 Social security, healthcare, tax, and income are based on the same rules!


No undermining concurrence between member states!


Free movement between all member states for all citizens!


Free working and study possibilities in all member states for all citizens.


Laws of the union has to be the same for every citizen in all the member states


One army for all the member states


Europol controle of police activities when crimes are taking place in more than one member state


Europol organising information necessary to protect all the member states against organised crimes and terrorisme!


A court of justice for crimes between members of the Union!


No uncontrolled influence from lobbyist on members of parliament or government!


Countries that are not willing to form those United States of Europe  can go out of te Union! EXIT!